Pine Sylvestris and our Skin

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Pine oil is extracted from needles, cones and twigs for the purpose of benefiting the skin. It helps clean skin, revitalizes it and helps alleviate eczema and psoriasis by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It helps treat foot and hand ailments: cuts, irritation, itching and skin infections.

This oil has a strong, warming and refreshing aroma. On the surface, it stimulates blood flow and consequently, facilitates healing and recovery from various skin problems. It is an active antibiotic for open wounds.

Helps Treat Respiratory Problems

Pine Sylvestris etheric oil actively helps alleviate respiratory problems. It is used in inhalers for asthmatics and as an aromatic oil for bronchitis since it dissolves mucus. Diluted pine extract can be used for gargling and sore throats. It can also be used to relieve blocked sinuses and stuffiness.

Treatment of Pain

Bath water to which a few drops of pine oil together with carrier oil have been added, can relieve rheumatic pains such as arthritis and tense muscles. It can relieve nervous fatigue and pain.

Psychological Uses

Pine Sylvestris oil is refreshing following mental exertion, and acts against a sense of weakness and insecurity, as it encourages and relaxes you. The oil can be used to encourage memories and associations: It raises the image of endless forests and provides a sense of freedom. It's rehabilitative qualities can alleviate fatigue and expedite recovery following extended periods of illness.

Fully aware of the marvelous properties of Pine Sylvestris etheric oils, Hlavin Cosmetics decided to develop a line of unique aromatherapeutic products for care and treatment of the feet, based on Pine Sylvestris extract.

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Lavilin Bio Balance Product Review

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Here's a lovely review from Cynthea Williams from Orlando Florida that was featured on her website -

A few weeks ago Hersko sent me some samples to review for you guys, so I am going to be reviewing these products in two-part posts. Today I will be reviewing their Lavilin Bio Balance series of products. 


Hersko is authorized to import and distribute products manufactured by Hlavin Industries Ltd. Hlavin is a leading international skin care manufacturer and exporter of therapeutic skin care products.  Hlavin's products act in harmony with the human body and provide uniquely effective solutions for various skin- and skin-related problems. Read more about Hersko here...

Lavilin Bio Balance - Foot Treatment | Odor Neutralizers | Skin Nourishers | Skin Soothers

"formulated to synchronize skin systems, balance dermal processes and environmental influences for healthy, dermal activity."

I was extremely excited to try out these products, since I am always switching up my skin care routine. I got a chance to use each product and I was really impressed with how effective they were. This particular series is specific to the body, so I took a picture of the products and listed the name and purpose to each.

  • Lavilin Underarm/Foot Deodorants: effective up to 7 days. odor protection using natural extracts and herbs. aluminum, alcohol and paraben-free.
  • Lavilin BIO Hand Nourishing Cream: ideal for nourishing dry areas - hands, elbows, cuticles.
  • Lavilin BIO Body Wash Deodorant: removes body odor, improves skin appearance, delicate cleanser.
  • Lavilin BIO Foot Nourishing Gel: prevents the recurrence of dry, cracked skin with fissures.
  • Lavilin BIO Body Lotion: soothes for soft and supple skin.

So to begin, I really liked the body lotion and hand nourishing cream. they were extremely soothing and had a thick consistency which I really prefer for my body. It was the right amount of moisture to really keep the thicker areas of my body hydrated (ex. hands, elbows, knees). I wish I had more, but I quickly went through the packets!

The body was deodorant was very gentle, and didn't have an overwhelming fragrance. It smelled very natural and organic which only made it more enjoyable to use. It left my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated without feeling over-washed or dry.

The foot nourishing gel was something I had never tried before but it felt great after a long day's work. It reminded me of natural aloe that you would put on if you got burned, because it gave me a very cool and refreshing feeling. It had a tingling effect which felt great on tired and over-worked feet. The smell was refreshing also, which was something I also liked.

I believe all the products gave me desired results, except the underarm deodorant - I didn't like the texture of it, and it didn't really work in preventing moisture under my arms. I will say though that it could be because the packaging was a packet instead of a stick or roll-on. 

Overall I really enjoyed using their products and I had the chance to look at their site for the full-sizes and they were reasonable in price.

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Your Skin Will Love Our All New Natural Products - Hand Nourisher & Body Serum!

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Stay tuned for a new line of - All Natural Skin Care - products that your skin will love!

L'avilin Bio Balance - Hand Nourisher

  • Refines, Softens and Nourishes Dry Skin Areas
  • Hydrates and Protects Working Hands
  • No Added Fragrance

With these Natural Ingredients - Olive Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Brazil Nut Seed Oil, Milk Protein & Omega-3

L'avilin Bio Balance - Body Serum

  • Highly Effective Serum
  • Soothes Redness and Strengthens Skin
  • Eliminates Itching
  • Soothes Scalp
  • Prevents Cracks and Skin Irregularities
  • Active Anti-oxidant
  • Hydrates and Nourishes

With these Natural Ingredients - Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Soybean Oil & Arnica Montana Flower Extract

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What is Perspiration?

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Here's an article that was featured on - It goes into great detail about perspiration, and the potential hazards of using deodorants and antiperspirants:

Perspiration is comprised of water, salts and wastes and is part of the human excretory system. The perspiration process is a primary element of the body heat control mechanism. In hot weather or during strenuous physical activity, the flow of perspiration increases. As perspiration evaporates, the body is cooled. Perspiration odor is caused by the presence of bacteria on the surface of the skin which decompose the fatty acids present in perspiration fluid.

The amount and intensity of perspiration odor is result of several factor:

  • Individual body chemistry
  • Nutrition and eating habits
  • Physical activity
  • Emotional stress
  • Dress
  • Environmental conditions

How can we Fight Perspiration Odor?

There are two kinds of odor fighters available in various application forms: cream, stick, roll-on, spray and stone.


Allow the body to perspire normally. Prevent perspiration odor by killing odor causing bacteria in the underarm area, or by using heavy perfumes to mask unpleasant perspiration odors.


Prevent perspiration itself by clogging sweat glands with aluminum salts and/or additional harsh chemicals which block the flow of perspiration.

Health hazards Posed by Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants Interfere with Bodily Functions

No perspiration - no perspiration odor!

  • Cooling effect on the body - As mentioned above, the body perspires in order to cool itself.
  • Excretion of metabolic wastes - water, salts and urea.

Though most antiperspirants contain harsh chemicals, regardless of their chemical composition, antiperspirants by definition constrict pores so that they can't release perspiration. As a result, the body cannot do it's job - body temperature remains high and some toxins remain inside the body.

Toxins are Deposited Near the Lymph Nodes

Toxins do not just disappear - The body deposits some of them in the lymph nodes below the armpits - an essential part of the body's immune system - as the body is unable to sweat them out. Once in the lymph nodes these toxins can re-enter the circulatory (blood) system.

Antiperspirants and Deodorants Contain Harsh Potentially Dangerous Chemicals

Most deodorants and antiperspirants on the market today contain either harsh chemicals linked by some to major health hazards: By depositing concentrations of these chemicals near the lymph nodes, people may be exposed to increased risk of serious health problems.

Lavilin - The Healthy Deodorant

  • Works on the skin's surface to prevent perspiration odor at the source - by killing odor causing bacterias. Provides long lasting, effective prevention against perspiration odor.
  • Lets the body do it's job - Does not interfere with normal bodily functions. Temperature control and excretory mechanism perform naturally.
  • Contains neither aluminum or triclosan.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Contains plant extracts which serve as anti-bacterial agents.
  • Absorbs dampness and moisture for a balanced, pleasant, dry and fresh feeling!

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Lavilin Underarm "Up to 7 Days" Deodorant Cream on FOX NEWS!!!

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Washington DC's FOX News featured Lavilin underarm deodorant cream on their Segment Deal or Dub? 3 firefighters put Lavilin  "Up to 7 days" deodorant cream to the to find out if they thought it was a deal or a dub!


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